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Your International Insurance

For distinguished members with a global risk exposition, we provide health insurance solutions on a first-class basis.

Through a very dedicated service, All Expat Consulting offers you and your family the best solution for a reliable and long-term coverage.

Our Health Insurance Features

Our Services
Free Choice

Choose any hospital and doctor to be treated with and get access to the most recent medical resources and best specialists in the world.


Customize your policy and choose the modules that best suit your family's needs and your risk profile.


Stay comfortable with worldwide health benefits that move across different Countries with you.

Free Children

Add up to 4 children with no added cost until they reach the age of 10.

Cost Control

Benefit of a unique policy through which you can avoid a premium class age increase after 60.

Easy Claim

Avoid bureaucracy when processing claims and enjoy direct payments to hospitals and doctors .

“The real purpose of health insurance is not to provide coverage for expenses that you can afford, but to pay for unpredictable and outstanding treatments that could compromise your wealth in a very short term”

P. d'Orey
Founder of ALL-EXPAT

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